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Understanding your requirements and planning the new space to meet them. 3D CAD software allows us to show you what the space will look like when completed.

Communicating with M&E and Structural consultants if their services are required depending on the scale of the project. We can arrange for competitive quotes from   contractors and suppliers.

Undertaking the Health and Safety duties required by the Principle Designers role under the CDM regulations 2015.

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Our project management services can involve monitoring the entire process from the early design stages through to the building handover.


We will produce a programme for the project and monitor it closely throughout. Once the key consultants have been appointed, we will review the programme as a team and agree key dates for producing design information. Consultants will usually come from separate companies and we will co-ordinate and bring the team together to meet the demands of the project.


We use the NEC contract with the contractor, as we believe the NEC conditions (as detailed below) encourage the fundamentals of a successful project.

We provide the following project management services:

  • Budgeting and financial planning

  • Planning and programming for all categories of work

  • Suggesting and appointing Consultants

  • Design stage administration

  • Obtaining Local Authority approvals

  • Tender and contract administration

  • Post Contract administration related to the the defect correction period

  • Procurement of Furniture and Equipment. Assessing the service and cost of multiple companies to find suitable suppliers

  • Planning and implementation of office/site relocation


(Building Information Modelling)


BIM is the process for collaboration and information management that is revolutionising the construction industry and we are delighted to offer this service to our clients.


The design process involves our team of consultants working together to produce a 3D computer model of the building which contains all the information required for construction.

The model is intended to be updated throughout the project from conception, through construction, at completion, and beyond if this is required by the client for building management purposes.

Having a 3D model at the design stage allows detection of potential clashes long before they become apparent on site saving time and money.


We use Revit Architecture as our main 3D modelling and drawing software.


The NEC Form of Contract is our preferred choice. Trust and co-operation between the parties is a key principle to using the NEC.

The key features of the NEC are:


  • Programme - the programme is a key element of the contract procedures. It shows how and when the contractor intends to carry out work. It is used to calculate payments, assess compensation events and monitor progress.

  • Compensation events - these are events that have an effect upon defined cost, completion, or meeting a key date. These are raised as soon as either party is aware and any change to the price or extension of time are agreed within a few weeks to avoid any uncertainty for the client.  

  • Early Warnings - these are raised to notify the other party of possible problems. The contract provides the mechanisms for solving these problems quickly, and most importantly collaboratively between the parties.


We can provide architectural design for new builds, extensions, or refurbishment projects.


We will agree with you a detailed client’s design brief to produce designs that meet the needs of the people who will be using the building, keeping you informed at each stage of the design so you have the chance to raise comments and amend your requirements.


Interpreting 2D plans does not always provide an easy way to understand a design but through the use of 3D digital models, you will be able to visually experience and comprehend your project easily from the initial stages.



We provide the following in-house architectural services:

  • Preliminary feasibility studies

  • Detailed surveying and drawing of existing buildings and sites

  • Concept, Developed, and Technical design

  • Specification and details for tender and construction

  • A1 and A0 prints of drawings

  • Basic rendering visualisations of the building exterior and interior.

  • Principle Designers role under CDM regulations

  • Space planning and Interior design

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